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A New Beginning
Technical Manual

e-Gen cubes by FireNexus

Re-Gen cubes were a fairly new technology at this time. Samus knew her suit had one, because she made sure of it. Anyway, the suit, within a few hours, was able to completely regenerate itself, as long as the cube remained in very good condition. Houston did use this technology later on, but since his cube was damaged, it was unable to generate reliably. But, since Samus' suit is in Okay condition, regen should be reliable.


Chozo and Human physiology in regards to servo technology by CapCom

Though Power Suits are compatible with both human and Chozo physiology as well as a wider range of life forms, the origin of Servo Technology is generally considered to be from the Chozo race. Since Power Suits were originally designed for the Chozo physiology, GFed R&D has been diligent in modifying the suits for use by humans. GFed originally 'acquired' servo technology from the Chozo by stealing a suit from a dead Torizo.

Even though much is not known as to the full capabilities of servo technology, GFed scientists are finally beginning to grasp the mechanics of Power Suits and have already created models for use by humans.

The Chozo and Torizo peoples were never compensated as per General Order No. 91 of the Galaxy.


Cloak Modules by Kejardon

Deciding that deceiving the sense of sight, one of the most trusted senses, would convince people something wasn't there, one John C. Danen made a cloak for a large sum of credits from the government. The basic cloak design was basically a basic computer which would gather protons from one side of a specified cloak area, and transmit them to the other side, from every direction, rendering someone basically invisible. But this module was not overly difficult in seeing through. When staring at something with a basic cloak on, one could usually see ripple-like affects in the air, such as looking at the space above a fire. Due to this obvious flaw, the government scientists further developed the idea, and came up with a new cloak module. This data is classified, however, and nobody knows how it works except the scientists. However, it has been discovered that this method can only apply to certain materials, namely, one coated with a certain material that acts like a TV rock.  However, due to the fact that this type of material can disrupt most radar and such, it is never used except for specially made objects.

The truth of how the advanced module works: nobody knows. Messing around with the tests, one of the scientists actually provided the wanted results. However, much studying has gone into this, but nobody has yet figured out just how it works. Theory after Theory has been tested, but all of them were disproved in one way or another.


Energy and Weapons stockpiling by CapCom

For the past several years, much speculation has been raised as to the reason why Samus's Power Suit can hold so many missiles and the energy and weapons she receives from destroyed enemies. The reason (or at least one of them) lies in the suit itself. The Power Suit relies on a type of technology known as 'Compaction' which allows many objects to be shrunken down to very small sizes. This is done by pulling the individual protons, neutrons, and electrons of the missiles closer together, shrinking them in size several thousand times. They are then stored inside Samus's gun arm for later use.

The health and missiles received from enemies is the suit's way of converting life energy into useful items. This does not 'steal the victim's soul' but is the by-product of an exploding object or enemy, a compaction of the energy released. This only works when the target is completely, or over 70% vaporized. The energy released from a 71% or greater amount of the matter inside an object exploding is above the threshold to create energy usable by the suit.

It is speculated that the ancient Chozo and Torizo used this as a form of cannibalism, forming rituals where their enemies' energy was consumed upon their death.


Hyper by nameless

GFed special forces has long been in the process of studying and manufacturing new, state of the art prototype heavy weaponry such as arm cannons, automatic assault rifles, and other powerful weapons that sometimes conflict with Federation protocol. Due to this, some of these weapons and their plans have leaked out to the general public and are often seen being sold at black markets, used by Space Pirates, and other illegal organizations. Methods are being taken to outlaw the use of these weapons by the general public and increase security measures, but some information will undoubtedly be compromised.

One such device is the T-69 plasma pulse cannon. This is state of the art technology and is considered a Class-A weapon. Capable of taking down a low flying G6 bomber, the T-69 provides such a kick and is capable of knocking down an ordinary human with one shot that R&D decided to add a grappling hook which can be used not only for covert operations but is mainly used to anchor the weapon's user to the ground when firing.

The operator activates the grappling line and shoots it into the ground. He or she then extends the line to its fullest length and leans back on the wire. From this position, the user may swivel in any direction without worrying about losing his or her footing.

Heavy weapons are categorized into classes, Class-D being the lowest grade, generally associated with the .9mm Tsien which is standard military issue for officers and police personnel to the Class-A T-69 and VT-Omega heavy assault rifle. Class is determined by the amount of damage a beam or projectile deals, the number and types of beams a weapon can fire, and the amount reload time the weapon has.

For instance, Samus' regular arm cannon is considered a Class-C expandable due to its ability to take on more powerful beams. Her first beam had limited range but could be customized to shoot farther, increase fire-power, and emit Wave, Spazer, or Ice-pattern beams and was upgraded to Class-B. The hyper beam is considered a top-level

Class-A Omega weapon (Greek letters or names symbolizing higher levels on the chart) because no beam of its power has ever been constructed. Unfortunately, Samus has not given out any information as to where and how she got it...

There are many speculations as to how Samus obtained the Hyper beam after her second mission to planet Zebes.

Some claim that it is a prototype of a new advanced type of weapon that was being tested by the Space Pirates for heavy combat, and Samus found it when she was in the Zebesian fortress. Others surmise that the weapon is an adaptation of a series of anti-tank beams that were being developed at the beginning of the new history. These weapons never took off and disappeared from existence. Some claim that they have seen coil converters fitting the specs for them in the black market, but they are very large and bulky and could never be fitted to a standard arm cannon. As for Samus, the only information that she will reveal is that the fallout from the last Metroid somehow fused the plasma coils in her cannon. Apparently, her suit's weapons database mistook the modification as a new weapons adaptation and catalogued it as such. Being a reserved bounty hunter, she will not release the exact specs and the price which she has named for such a privilege has been too high for any single government to invest in. Engineers are attempting to re-create the alteration, yet to this date all efforts to this effect have failed.


Hyper Theory by FireNexus

The Hyper Beam is given it's power by drawing off a characteristic of matter known as hyper frequency. HyperSpace, a part of space that has been folded and twisted, is the cause for this. At the universe's beginning, it is speculated, All matter was exposed to a large Hyper Rift, a hyper-node, or area of hyperspace, opening in a random fashion, exposing the area around it. This rift made that matter hyperactive for approx. 1 billion years. After this time, there was a vague hyper presence within it, or Hyper frequency. When large amounts of energy are used in an area over a period of time, that frequency will become the same for all mass in that area. Since living things use a multitude of energy, each living thing has it's own hyper frequency, and all matter has the ability to translate into hyperspace. Now, the Hyper Beam uses a Hyper Pulse (or energy burst used to make a hyperspace translation.) , mixed with Plasmatic reactions within the weapon, to push a piece of matter too far out of normal space to remain, but to far from Hyperspace to translate. This effectively tears the mass apart and converts it to energy. This principal has been used in power plants for centuries, but has never been miniaturized to be effectively used as a weapon. How Samus got a weapon of this type is unknown, and being investigated by the G-Fed. One speculation is that the fallout from the last Metroid activated a hyper pulse generator within the suit (used as a scanning device), and supercharged it, while at the same time fusing it to the plasma manifolds within her weapon. Since a metroid's hyper frequency is unique, this condition cannot be replicated.


Remote Suits by CapCom

Are you wondering how the hell Samus managed to escape Khan? Remember back in the post Toys where the bounty hunter recruiter was telling Samus about the different abilities the suit has, he says "...Oh, yeah, and it's radio controlled, you don't even have to be inside the thing to operate it." Well, he never showed Samus how to do it. But when she sees the Suit testing lab, she obviously figures it out and sets up a decoy for Khan.

The radio controlled technology is far more advanced than any remote systems today. The signal taps into the main computer database accessing a series of files which operate as behavior templates. This is similar to robotic control in that the sequence of movements is already laid out and all that a user has to do is administer the appropriate command. With the radio controlled device, the suit is easily controlled with a joystick and can even be operated with a holographic interface. The servos in the suit will respond in the appropriate fashion to mimic all body movements, and the built in balance stabilizers keep the suit upright. It can walk jump, and shoot all without the presence of an internal human operator. This can be a valuable tool in battle or mining operations making the suit a versatile weapon with many applications.

On top of this, the suit can also be operated automatically from inside in case the user becomes paralyzed or otherwise damaged by activating files from inside of the suit's computer database. It is also said that the suit can help sustain life beyond the normal age it would expire because the suit aids in the biologic process with its own built-in recycling system. Unfortunately, no serious study has been made by the medical branch of GFed or any other government to determine whether this is true or not...


Avian Evolution by nameless

As has been previously established, the Torizo and Chozo originally branched from the same race, however nothing has been mentioned about their prehistoric ancestors. Like humans, these bird people evolved from a more primitive species. Extinct for nearly 20 million years, the charibdus avitus was a species of predatory birds who were very prevalent in that time period. Measuring nearly 5 feel long with wingspans of up to 15 feet, they would fly high over the prairies and mountains attacking prey such as mammals or large rodents. Flocks were extremely territorial and when they came in contact with each other, they would often exhibit airborne battles to the death. Evidence of this can be found in fossil records recovered from central plains blanketed with widely scattered bones of that species. It is estimated that nearly 4 million years ago, the birds grew in size and lost their ability to fly. With their unusually large cranial capacity, they were able increase in intelligence and eventually gain an edge on other species of that era.

Ultimately, the birds lost their wings all together which evolved into arm like limbs, and the hooked claws at the wing joints metamorphosed into hand like talons. These new appendages were used to collect food, climb trees, and stave off attackers. The head and face region consisted of a hooked parrot like beak which hugged close to the face, and large highly perceptive eyes. That visage remains essentially unchanged to this day. The bird's form eventually assumed an upright, human like position, and the legs became stalkier due to the fact that ground mobility was a necessity. Obviously the most evolutionary advantageous form, the birds eventually assumed the full humanoid configuration that is seen today. Feathers remain, but are merely vestigial body coverings. At around 200,000 years ago, it is said that the birds began to develop spoken language and exhibit intelligent activities such as cave carvings and shelter construction. It has not been determined when the height of their civilization occurred, but it is known that they developed such technological advents as space travel and massive cities. The warrior like instincts of their ancestors are still very prevalent today and the Chozo and Torizo species still rely heavily on their bird like mannerisms.


Crystanium by CapCom

Crystanium is an extremely rare mineral which, when compared to the toughness of a diamond, would be a no. 11 on Moh's Scale. Crystanium is formed much like how diamonds are; the element composing it, Chlorine, is subjected to extreme pressures and temperatures. This happens deep inside the crust of the planet and only occurs if there are pockets of Chlorine inside the crust or leeched out of the surrounding rocks. The pressure is so great that the chlorine is solidified and is combined with molten sodium ions and silver ions. The resulting compound is a translucent green crystal which is incredibly stable and has the ability to cut through any known compound.

Crystanium, when melted in extremely high-temperature laboratory experiments, can combine with silicon tetrahedra (SiO4) to form crystanium alloy. This alloy, though not technically a metal, is relatively easy to produce when compared to the other leading armor-quality compounds and can be created by using Chlorine gas, Quartz, and silver ions.

It should be noted that pure Crystanium is more durable than its alloy, but Crystanium is too expensive to create in the laboratory because of the temperatures and pressures involved in the process.

Crystanium can be used for such purposes as Visors, Viewports (as in Samus' armor and on her ship), Windowpanes, and is also used to plate some mercenary craft. GFed is currently experimenting with this compound for use as armor for their top-ranking battle cruisers and superiority fighters. When light is shone through a Crystanium or Crystanium alloy prism, the light is refracted and magnified, creating top-quality lighting fixtures (this is also appearing in my version of the Crashed Ship).


Spice by FireNexus

A very powerful, yet harmless, drug that is produced from the ratharg plant, which is native to the Tal' Alma colonies, but can grow in any conditions.

Spice is produced by boiling the roots of the plant for several days. After completion, the residue is ground into a brownish powder, then mixed with water and dropped into the eyes.

Though it is not addictive, the drug can cause people to go insane if an overdose occurs. It has also caused severe accidents while a ground vehicle operator is using it.

It's production has been outlawed everywhere in the GFED, except in the Tal' Alma colonies, where it is exported to all other places. In the eyes of the GFEd, this keeps levels low.

The laws regarding Spice have been criticized, but never challenged for nearly 100 years.


The Chozo Symbol by nameless

The Chozo Symbol described in the post "So Much For So Much" later appears engraved on the front of Samus' ship.  Shown to the right.
Special thanks to TJ who let us use the logo from the MDb from long ago.


Chozo Attack Pattern by nameless

The Chozo attack pattern which Samus demonstrated in the bar is a fighting style known as Gato Chi. It is a modified form of an ancient style that was commonly used in warrior casts of all races shortly before the new history. This style is rarely used now, and is known as Gun Gu Ki (GUN-joo-key). The system operates in a form of stages and functions as a surprise tactic. If two or more attackers approach a defender, the defender will break the attack down into several cycles. The first cycle is to create a weakness in the attack (In Samus' case this was to kill the first Goff), The second cycle is to use the first action as a surprise factor disorienting as many of the remaining attackers as possible, and taking advantage of this time to deal considerable damage to the attackers. The resolution stage takes care of the remaining attackers. This phase may be repeated more than once. The final phase is to use the accumulation of effects in finishing off the attackers. Together the accumulation of effects succeeds in weakening the attackers gradually until a breaking point occurs. At this point the attack collapses and the attackers are defeated.

The Chozo warrior does not hesitate to use weapons, and will use anything at his disposal to defend himself. Normally an attack will take very little time to execute rendering this method a very effective and volatile art. -- nameless


Chozo Fighting Staff by CapCom

The Chozo Fighting Staff was the Chozo's primary weapon of choice during Old History of the Universe and is still used in self-defense training in several Chozo camps, but has been outlawed by GFed, so their versions are less lethal. During the Old History of the Universe, when the Chozo and Torizo were still one race, these weapons were primarily used in the many conflicts that erupted between the two groups. The staff is compact and can be extended to a full length of either 1.5 to two meters, depending on the model and, when not extended, is easy to conceal and carry.

On the sides of the staff are talon-shaped barbs that either imbed themselves into the target if the staff is swung, or latch onto the target if the staff is thrust forward.

At the tips of the staff are conical serrated spear points which can be opened up like flower petals if a certain command is entered into the staff's handle grip. Inside the spear points is a charge beam which, when activated, courses through the body of the target, either frying it or shooting a blast right through, depending on the intensity used. The beam is activated by the user's psychic field which is transferred through the staff's crystal chamber and is magnified through the staff. Only well-trained warriors can use it properly and it can only be used as a last resort due to its effectiveness and the fact that it drains a considerable amount of willpower from the user.


Chozo vs. Torizo by CapCom

At one time, long before the new history, Chozo and Torizo were one species. But as certain casts formed within the delicate culture, differences occurred. The Torizo, being more war oriented, left the Chozo and began a new civilization. They worked up their warrior class and built up a technological and military infrastructure. The Chozo used their warrior skills for defense, but the Torizo used them for menace. The Chozo and the Torizo remained enemies for thousands of years and the Chozo began to loose their foothold as the more dominant race. Eventually, the Torizo succeeded in conquering the Chozo in a series or wars and raids. At present, the Torizo remain a highly skilled warrior clan and many of their members join the ranks of the bounty hunters due to their adept fighting abilities.

Disaster Hits Chozo and Torizo Alike

The final blow came to the Torizo some 200 years ago when Shadow, a skilled rookie bounty hunter, was ordered to destroy what remained of the Chozo (some of these events appear in the story, A New Beginning but I'm not gonna give it all away here *hint hint*;). The Chozo never fully recovered from this blow, and are now few and far between amongst the stars. Meanwhile, the Torizo, exposed to civilization, suffered from a mysterious disease which nearly destroyed the population, sending them, too into hiding. Very few Chozo or Torizo are seen anymore as a result of these disasters, though Torizo are more common than the Chozo and most people have forgotten what they look like.

Both races still retain their status as successful pupils in the art of war and defense, but they tend to remain hidden so that not much attention is drawn to them. Only a few powerful Torizos remained in the bounty hunting business, but it wasn't until the events in The Kihunters that both races came out of hiding.


Servo Technology by nameless

Servo technology is used in all standard battle suits. The inner shell is lined with a network of sensors which detect body motions within the suit. The power servos, which are high horsepower motors placed around the joints of the outer shell, then respond to the sensors to mimic body motion. The human body is not strong enough to move these suits as many times they weigh nearly half a ton. Models very in size, mobility, weaponry, and hull strength. The bounty hunter must choose the suit which is best for his line of work. The suit is capable of assuming virtually every position as the human body and can also collapse in on itself to form a ball. This type of armor is needed in most mercenary activities and some variation of it has existed since long before the new history. It was only until recent times that governments realized the advantages of hiring mercenary work.


Nano-repairers by Kejardon

Nano-repairers are actually a complex machine linked with a wireless network. A single microscopic CPU unit is implanted wherever the damage is. It sends the pictures of the damage, whether it's bone or metal, to an outside databank computer, and the computer analysis the damage, and compares it with how the structure should be. Then the outside computer sends however many nano-repairers to the target it needs. in Medical situations, the nano-repairers are usually injected. The CPU unit receives directions from the Databank, and using a short wave network, gives commands to the Nano-repairers. This isn't a new science, but applying it to living tissues is. The materials are usually supplied to the nano-repairers gradually, but in cases of repairing bones, either the materials are injected with the nano-repairers, or a thin tube is injected to wherever it is. Unfortunately, some items interfere with the network or something, and no low-cost answer has been found


Nano-repairers as Spies by CapCom

In addition to being used for medical purposes, nano-bots have also been used as spies. When injected into the body, scientists realized that the bots received interference from the organism's nervous system. This data could be channeled to an external source and translated into viewable material. Since nanobots are hard to detect by the carrier, they are perfect for injection into important personnel. Should disloyalty be surmised, that person is questioned and nanobots inside the person's brain will transmit any mental images the suspicious person has, as what happened to Levine. However, since the Chozo virus infects electronic systems, the virus spread to the Spire Tower's CPU and began to take it over.


Genocide by nameless

Just a note on my post "Deep Impact". Notice the symbolism and irony in the last portion of the post. Samus talks about how terrible it was for the federation to wipe out an entire species, yet she later becomes a part of this terrible game of blind extermination. She herself single-handedly wiped out the entire species of Metroid. This serves to tie the theme of the story together, and that of the entire Metroid series. Despite the impending happy outcome of the story, we may find that Samus didn't escape the dark ranks after all.