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Fan Art

Advanced Kihunter from After the Ragnarok
The creature appears to be a mix of modified Metroid DNA and Space Pirate DNA, probably Kihunter. The Ragnarok, an advanced prototype warship capable of destroying Galactic Civilization, is a bionic spacecraft using Metroid DNA in its power grid. The Kihunters are drawn towards the central power core where they break open the engines, releasing chlorine gas. The gas modifies and enhances the Kihunters so that they evolve into an even greater threat. These new Kihunters feed on their victim's spinal columns, taking their neural energy as their own. They can also inject a virus into their prey's spinal column that modifies them, releasing a new Advanced Kihunter from the victim after it is finished growing. The new Kihunter seen here, breaking out of a Space Pirate's upper torso like an insect from a cocoon.As you can see in the picture, the Advanced Kihunter has four eyespots similar to those on the Metroid Queen. The bodies of the Advanced Kihunters are black and aside from having four eyespots, they also have a large sensory organ above their mouths.

Ridley & Captured Metroid by CapCom
I think it's a piece of shit, but I have to say I like it cause if I don't, he'll get angry and misplace the archives. J/K It's actually pretty good.

Samus vs Ridley by dab
A pretty good pencil sketch by Dab, but with a crappy scan job. Check it out.

Fan Fiction

The Final Hunt by CapCom
A FanFic by our archives man and best writer, CapCom. Our first stand alone Fan Fic.

The Day Of Lavos by SimBen
The worlds of Metroid and Chrono Trigger meet in this excellent fan-fic by the king of crossovers... SimBen!!!

Wrestling Match by MDbMB Members
Wrestling Match is a little funny that was put up on the MDbMB by a bunch of fans.

Fun Stuff From Online by A Useless Load of Bloody Loonies!
Good lord, this is the most insane thing CapCom ever archived!  Oh yeah, don't bother trying to mess with the account CUZ IT AIN'T THERE NO MORE!