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Facelifted - March 6, 2006

Still nothing to report.  Just a facelift to make this look more like the rest of the MIFF-based sites.

BOTP has ended for good and the pieces have been remolded into something new yet very MIFF-like.  Check out The Outer Universe site, or the Board for more details.

A New Beginning: Definitive Edition - August 23, 2004

Has it been TWO YEARS since the MIFF was reborn already?  Wow!

This place really died.  But fear not, though the MIFF isn't active now, CapCom and nameless are furiously working on finishing the old stories.  Right now they're at work on A New Beginning, so as soon as it's ready to put up you'll see it here.

In the mean time I am finally fixing the links on the site since IFF World is gone and the site has URL.

Nothing new - June 26, 2003

I've taken the MetNet version of the site down.  Email me if you want a copy.

More Stuff - May 11, 2003

Call it an update if you will.  I've gone through and finished up the story pages so that they all match, even did some spell checkin' as I went.  Also for the first time in IFF World history, I'VE COMPLETED AN ENTIRE SITE!  WHOO HOO!

Now everything EXCEPT the Hunter Game has been copied from Ye Olde Met|Net MIFF Site over to Ye New IFF World MIFF Site!

Meet the New Boss... - April 25, 2003

Bad news folks.  FireNexus is leaving the IFF business for a long while.  So where does this leave MIFF's future?  Will it die again?

Your answer: NO!

Finny's put me in the MIFF Capitan's Chair while he's on extended leave.  Now don't go thinking that since I run BOTP that MIFF is going to become like it...far from it.  I am going to be consulting CapCom and nameless about the future of MIFF.

I do have changes in mind for MIFF, like for starters changing the rules to be less FRIGHTENING.  I think that's the major problem MIFF has had to date.  Also Cap and I have talked about ditching Dogs of War and starting fresh.  We'll keep you informed as to what's happening.

Since We're Talking MIFF... - April 21, 2003

By the the new look?  I do.  It's my desperate attempt to revitalize MIFF.  I've refaced all of the story pages and consolidated them into one folder.  Also for those who like to browse folders, since my host will give you a FORBIDDEN error if there's no INDEX.HTM file there, I made this file just for you MIFF- Quick Access.

Still left to do...get the Miscellaneous/Fan Stuff up and converted to the new look.  Then I'll see about that old IkonBoard skin. :)

And yes, the good old Met-Net version is still here until I get the stuff I still need copied over.

MIFF: Dead Again? - April 20, 2003

Yep, it seems as though MIFF has ground to a halt once again.  Apparently the Dogs of War story is just too damn similar to After the Ragnarok and is in dire need of a new direction.  If you think you got what it takes to breathe new life into a dead story...PLEASE DO!  We're all currently creatively bankrupt.

By the the new look?  I do.  It's my desperate attempt to revitalize MIFF.

IFF World Skin - December 23, 2002

I've completed the MIFF Skin for IFF World's board.  When you enter a MIFF forum you get a swank skin matched to the site! :)  Also, in your control panel, you can change the entire board default but just note, BOTP's forums won't change from their preset skin.

Still have to change the pages here to match the new style.

The New MIFF: Take 3 - December 8, 2002

The webmonster was in!  In a major fit of "Lack of Metroid Prime"-ness.  I've COMPLETELY overhauled the site AGAIN.

The navigation is complete, but most of the pages are still in the previous form.

MIFF Board has moved - December 8, 2002

The webmonster was in AGAIN!  I've copied all of the info off of the old BoardHost board over to the IFF World Board.

Also I've updated the DoW Tech Manual and Story Data with the latest info.


The New MIFF: Take 2 - November 22, 2002

The webmonster was in!  In a major fit of "Lack of Metroid Prime"-ness.  I've COMPLETELY overhauled the site AGAIN.  Fans of the Battle of the Posters- Info & Data Center will notice this is the exact same design.

Additionally, I've finally updated the site with the info for Dogs of War.  All of the current episodes are up, the current Tech Manual is up, the Story Rules are up.  I also edited back IN the foul language. :)

Also as a bonus, I've uploaded a nearly full copy of the MetNet MIFF Site!  Granted some of the off-site links don't work...but why would you NOT know the sites associated with MIFF?

Next up: Dogs of War - September 18, 2002

I'm officially putting my webmonstering duties on hold until I can get the situation with straightened out.

BTW: The name of the new story is Dogs of War. :)

Ragnarok: ONLINE - September 12, 2002

Well, after much procrastination...After the Ragnarok is now up in its entirety.  Also I revamped the menu slightly.  It's a little less confusing as to what you're accessing, but it does make the length of the page longer.

Now I just have to get the remaining Fan Stuff online.

A 3 Day Update - August 19, 2002 to August 22, 2002

I'm still gathering stuff from the old MetNet MIFF & from the MIFF Complex, Cap's supposed to be sending the rest of After the Ragnarok, so that'll be the next thing to be updated.

Why haven't I just made a new post for each the previous 3 days?  Because of the re-formatting of the site, I had to update the menu as I go which really was only one update.  I wanted to at least get THAT done before the next post.

  • Finally completed the reformatting & new menu.
  • Added the Chozo Symbol to the A New Beginning- Tech Manual.
  • Added new section: MIFF Archives.  Story Data is needed for the upcoming new story.
  • One final dress up.  I ran out of colors in Samus' Logo to make BACK TO RED they go.
  • Began a new Technical Manual for the upcoming MIFF story.  (currently empty)
  • Broke down the Tech Manual Archive into seperate chunks.  Info regarding the old stories were added to each story archive under <Tech>.  The remainder became Miscellaneous Data.
  • Added Dab & CapCom's Fan Art.
  • Added CapCom's The Final Hunt in the new Fan Fic section.

Ready for Action, Almost - August 11, 2002

All of the stories as CapCom has sent are now up!  Additionally nameless has been readmitted as MIFF Admin.  Now it's just a matter of finding the crap that needs to be fixed, as I am a total n00b to the MIFF world.

Under Metroid Data, I have provided a link to the original doc that CapCom sent me.

Work In Progress - August 10, 2002

Well I have reformatted CapCom's archives to fit the new site.  Additionally, I'm also making some cosmetic changes to it as well.  Also have began the new Fan Art section.

Additionally, per Cap's request, I have broken the stories into more editable chunks!  Hmm, yummy!

MIFF: Back In Action! - August 9, 2002

Nintendo's rolling out TWO brand new Metroid games.  Metroid Database has a new look.  So what about MIFF?

It's back, and it's going to be bigger and better then ever!  Yes it's true, BOTP's daddy is back to show the whipper snapper how it's done.

Right now, there's little to look at.  I'm gathering together the MIFF info from FireNexus & CapCom.  The old MIFF sites are pretty much all trashed and that info lost.